Anya and Seryozha

Anya and Seryozha

Documentary, 2018, HD, 30 Mins.

Anya and Seryozha, eighteen and nineteen years old, have been close friends since school. They live in Mariupol, an industrial city in southeastern Ukraine. Seryozha lives with his mother and Anya with her boyfriend, Dima, aged twenty-one. Anya has bright orange hair and a resounding laugh. Seryozha wears flesh tunnels and piercings. They stand out. They dream of finding themselves and yet have to find jobs for the first time. Their vibrant performances have themes such as sexism and gender stereotypes, and with them they want to change society. Life is serious, but they approach it with humor and lightness. Anya asks whether they should move away together. What is keeping Seryozha in this city so close to the war front?

The film shows snapshots from the life of young people searching for who they want to be and how they want to live. They move between autonomy and uncertainty, rebellion and melancholy. They are full of imagination and willpower. Anya and Seryozha describes a turning point.

Anya Shishman, Serjozha Lisiura, Dima Kolda, Lena Shishman, Anatoli Shishman, Yegor Voloshin

Filmed from April to October 2013 in Mariupol, Ukraine.

Director: Ivette Löcker
Authors: Ivette Löcker, Inga Pylypchuk
Director of Photography: Frank Amann
Original Sound: Andrii Nidzelskyi
Location Manager, Assistant Director: Inga Pylypchuk
Production Support Ukraine: Iryna Prudkova-Havrikova
In Concert: Dakh Daughters
Editor: Dieter Pichler
Sound Design: Martin Ehlers-Falkenberg
Sound Mixing: Titus Maderlechner
Colour Grading: Jakob Wehrmann, edelbytes postproduction
Graphics: Marlies Löcker,
Producer: Katrin Springer
Commissioning Editor: Udo Bremer

A Filmkantine Production commissioned by ZDF/3sat
World Sales: Sixpackfilm


DOXS! Duisburg Children’s and Youth Film Festival 2018
ArtDoc Riga 2018
Diagonale Graz 2019
Vienna Shorts 2019
Gogol Festival Mariupol, Ukraine 2019
Mariupol Intern. Filmfestival KITY – Cinema and You, Ukraine, 2019
IndieCork Festival Cork, Ireland 2019
Festival Inconvenient Films, Vilnius, Lithuania, Section: „Films that let you grow“ 2019
KIN – Yerevan International Women’s Filmfestival, Armenia 2019
East Silver Market at Dok Film Festival Jihlava, CZ 2019