The Sworn Virgin and the Girl

The Sworn Virgin and the Girl

Documentary, 2019, 42 Mins.

Sixty-one years ago, Bedrie was born as a girl in Albania. Today she lives as a man, she is a sworn virgin. The tradition of the sworn virgins originated 600 years ago: if there were no male descendants, one of the girls had to live as a man to maintain the family. Some women chose this path because they wanted to be free. Bedrie could not accept the restrictions of a woman`s life. One day she gets a call from the young Adele (26). Adele is searching for her identity, she wants to live self-determined in patriarchal Albania. Adele hopes to find answers and Bedrie is proud to share. Both are heading their way to meet each other.

with Bedrie Brahim Gosturani, Adele Gjoka, Jetmir Gosturani, Rozafa Dhimogjika, Ikbale Dhimogjika, Sabina Zani

Directors: Kristine Nrecaj, Birthe Templin
Producer: Katrin Springer
Director of Photography: Alfred Nrecaj
Original Sound: Arne Herrmann
Editor: Sven Heußner
Music: André Feldhaus
Voice recordings: Titus Maderlechner
Sound Design & Mixing: Arne Herrmann
Colour Grading: Felix Trolldenier
Postproduction Image: Trollfilm

Commissioning Editor: Ann-Christin Hornberger (ZDF/ARTE)

A Filmkantine Production commissioned by ZDF/ARTE


International Filmfest Emden-Norderney, Germany, June 2019
PriFest – Prishtina Int. Filmfestival, Kosovo, July 2019
Al Jazeera Balkans Film Festival, Sarajevo, Bosnia Herzegovina, September 2019
International Filmfestival Tirana, Albania, September 2019
International Queer & Migranten Filmfestival, December 2019

TV Broadcast on ARTE on 12.10.2019