Lost in Limbo

Lost in Limbo

Documentary film, 2022, HD, 45 min

Emrah lives in Serbia, a country he left as a child. He was deported from Germany due to crimes. Emrah now works as a day laborer on Belgrade’s construction sites: sometimes there’s work, sometimes not. Trapped in a swamp of bureaucracy, fake friends, drugs and bad habits, Emrah tells his story unadorned. It’s a story of an underdog with nothing left to lose. And yet: he is still hoping for better times.

with Emrah Gradina, Rocki Rakic, Aza Bojanovic, Milicia Jocic

Author & Director: Johanna Bentz
Director of Photography: Julia Schlingmann
Editing: Valesca Peters, Johanna Bentz
Music: Matthias Klein
Sound: Johanna Bentz
Service Producer Serbia: Momir Turudic
Sound Design & Sound mixing: Kai Hoffmann
Original sound editing: Mathias Wendt
Title Graphic: Judith Holzer
Colour Grading: Gavin Haughey
Postproduction House: Wave Line

Producer: Katrin Springer
Commissioning Editor: Nicole Baum

produced by Filmkantine UG, commissioned by ZDF / 3sat.

Internationale Hofer Filmtage 2022.
TV premiere on 14.11.2022 on 3Sat.