Noa – Remembering against Forgetting

Noa – Remembering against Forgetting

Documentary, 2021, HD, 24min

The film tells the story of 12-year-old Noa, who struggles with the onset of dementia in her grandmother Rosa. Noa lives in Berlin and her grandma lives near Ulm, but Noa tries to visit her as often as possible. When Grandma Rosa was Noa’s age, she was already engaged and a little piglet was to blame. Noa’s grandma is from Kosovo and although Noa doesn’t know Albanian and her grandma has forgotten German, they communicate lovingly. Noa is playing at the Junges Deutsches Theater in Berlin, in a play called “Selbstvergessen.” It’s about young people whose grandparents have dementia. By working on the play, Noa has learned to better deal with the fact that her grandma is becoming forgetful. Noa helps her grandma remember the things she can still do well. These are skills her grandma learned as a young girl, such as spinning wool, crocheting, or knitting. Her grandma remembers stories from her childhood well and always enjoys telling them. Grandma Rosa has 7 children, twenty grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. Even though Noa is afraid that her grandmother might forget her one day, the film shows that even sad moments can contain a happy and carefree laughter and that the cycle of life goes on.

Noa Rosa Nrecaj, Rosa Nrecaj, Madlen Nrecaj

Written & directed by Kristine Nrecaj
Producer: Katrin Springer
Image Design & Sound: Alfred Nrecaj
Camera & Sound assistance: Nicolaj Nrecaj
Editing: Alfred Nrecaj
Animation: Emma Schell, Krist Nrecaj
Music: Ilja Coric
Tupan & Darabuga: Christian Daka
Voice Recordings: Titus Maderlechner
Sound Design: Kai Storck
Sound Design & Mixing: Jonas Schüler

Editing KiKA: Thomas Miles
Production KiKA: Ansgar Heldt

a production of Filmkantine UG on behalf of KiKA

DOXS RUHR – Festival 2022
Nominated for an ECFA DOC Award 2022

KiKA Television Broadcast: September 2021

“Über dem Wasser” Composition Anne Terzibaschitsch courtesy of Gerhard Halbig Alfons Holzschuh Musikverlag GmbH & Co. KG

Excerpts from the theater production “Selbstvergessen” by courtesy of the Junges Deutsches Theater Berlin, director: Gernot Grünewald, set design: Michael Köpke, music: Daniel Sapir, video & image direction livestream: Thomas Taube, dramaturgy: Birgit Lengers

Archive footage “117 anetareshe”, directed by Besim Sahatciu, courtesy of Kosovo Film Archive