Nuclear Power Plant For Sale

Sale Out in the Nuclear Power Plant

documentary, 2012, HD, 30 mins

The nuclear power plant Mühlheim-Kärlich is one of the first sites that will be completely dismantled. The film shows how the interior and the generator is taken apart to be shipped to Egypt.

Written, directed & edited by: Jörg Hommer
Director of Photography: Börres Weiffenbach, Sandra Merseburger
Sound: Detlev Schmelzenbach Re-Recording
Mixer: Markus Krohn
Producers: Katrin Springer, Volker Ullrich
Commissioning Editor: Thomas Michel

shot on location in Germany

produced by Filmkantine UG for SWR with the friendly support of Stiftung Rheinland- Pfalz für Kultur and Stiftung Zukunft der Sparkasse Koblenz